Residential Houses and Units
Alterations, Renovations and Refurbishments
Commercial Office and Shops
Industrial Warehouses and Factories
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> About
Northpoint Design Pty Ltd was Estabished by Allan Robinson 1977, shortly after completion of an Engineering Drafting Apprenticeship by indenture to V.A.Lamaro and Associates, Consulting Enginners Sydney . The business than trading as A.C. Robinson Drafting Service and was renamed to Northpoint Design with the office based in Sydney. NSW. 
The business relocated to Toowoomba Queensland in 1986 were it has operated for 29 years providing services to the local regional areas and Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. 
Northpoint Design Pty Ltd has the passion and knowledge to provide Clients with Functional Designs that meet the clients Expectations and Budgetary requirements. 
Northpoint Design has a successful relationship with a broad sector of related Professional Consultants, Engineers, Developers and Builders that can provide the necessary additional expertise to provide a holistic approach to your project. 

> Our Expertise
Northpoint Design has extensive skills in the field of Building Design and Drafting. The skills necessary to provide the level of services to delivery Plan documentation for your project ready for construction. We can provide, Building Design and Documentation for various types of projects:- 

New  - Residential Custom Homes,  Single and Multiple level Unit Developments.

Existing - Building Renovations, Refusbishments, Alterations or Additions.

Commercial Developments - Offices, Neighbourhood Shopping Centers, Retail, Bulky Goods.

Industrial -  Factory, Warehousing Single or Multiple Developments.
Co-ordination and Establishment of other Consultancy Services necessary to complete the project.

Preparation, co-ordination  and lodgement of Applications to the nominated Building Certifier for Building Approval.
Structural Detail Drafting service Exclusive for Registered Consulting Engineers only.  
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> Technology
Northpoint Design utilizes Standard Industry based Software, maintained through annual subscriptions. This provides us with the latest software that  ensures innovative design and documentation while providing effective solutions to maintain accuracy in our Design and Documentation.
Autodesk - Building Design Suite for BIM-CAD        
Autodesk - Revit   
Autodesk - Vehicle Tracking
Cadsta - CADSTA Architectural 
Tillings SmartFrame Timber Design  
QuoteFast - Estimating
Mircosoft Word, Excel, Project and Access
Adobe Acrobat PDF  
>  Free Structure
Our Fee structure is based on Industry Stardards Professionally set by the Building Designers Association of Queensland.
Fees are quoted as a percentage (%) of Estimated Construction Cost ($) and provided as a  Lump Fee, (Exclusive of GST) 
The percentage will vary based on the clients requirements and Scope of Work to be undertaken by Northpoint Design Pty Ltd and any related sub-consultants.
Building applications and relelated sub-consultants fees or charges are quoted independently and provided for the clients review and approval